Thermosiphon Solar Water Heater

KD Series Closed Loop System
Indirect system with a heat exchanger surrounds the hot water tank, heating fluid moves between solar collector and heat exchanger.
AD Series Closed Loop System
Direct system designed for places where the water quality is good and no freezing risk.

Domestic Hot Water Tank

BD Series Double Coil Domestic Hot Water Tanks
BD series tanks have the advantage of two coils allow hot water can be heated simultaneously. Bottom coil connects to solar collector(s) and upper coil connects to heating boiler.
BA Series Accumulation Tanks
Consistent solution for domestic hot water storage. Keeps the heated water at a constant temperature thanks to its high density HCFC-free polyurethane insulation which minimize heat loss.

Vacuum tube solar water heaters

Non-pressurized Solar Water Heater with stainless steel (SUS-304) tank. Cold water is heated in vacuum tubes and flows up to the storage tank by thermosiphonic cycle. • SUS-304 stainless steel tank with food grade. • Insulation: High-density polyurethane foam. • External cover of tank: Painted steel / stainless steel • Mounting set: Coated steel flat roof type

Solar Collectors

HP Series Solar Collectors
Full plate absorber, laser welded with high selective blue coating. Ultra tight frame and rockwool insulation or optional direct-injected PU insulation.
ST Series Solar Collectors
Cost effective solar collector with performance and long durability. Same construction and material as HP series, the unique difference is the full plate laser welded absorber in black colour.


Forced solar water heaters

System components consist of followings: Vertical hot water tank with one or two coils. Solar collectors according to size of the system. Accessories containing hydraulic and electronic parts. Mounting set for flat or pitched roof mounting of solar collectors.

Collective solar water heating systems

We offer collective solar water heating systems from consultancy to full service. We supply comprehensive services including cunsultancy, design, material supply, turn-key assembly and comissioning for hot water solutions of hotels, hospitals, apartment buildings, dormitories, military facilities, public buildings, etc.


High quality equipments to ensure successful installation and optimum performance.
• Solar controller
• Solar Controller for thermosiphon SWH
• Solar station
• Insulated inox pipe 25 mt.
• Flat roof mounting sets