Rig and well site operations

Rig and well site operations planing for Contractors and E & P Clients:

  • Drilling and WO management
  • Drilling and WO supervision
  • HSE Supervision
  • Operations Management and leadership
  • Project management leadership for new projects and project upgrades
  • Comissioning and decomissioning projects
  • Start up and shut down projects
  • API Cat III and IV Inspections
  • Project mobilisation and demobilisation

HSE and Risk management

Mayor emergency management:

  • Risk assesment
  • Risk mitigation
  • Development of HSE policies and procedures
  • Well control operations and training
  • Pressure test mentoring and pressure test control
  • Equipment inspection

Drilling and rig engineering

Drilling and completion of engineering services:

  • Drilling rigs tendering and management
  • Well construction
  • BOP design
  • Rig design
  • Rig upgrades and acceptance test

Training and Education

Training and mentorship programs:

  • Well design and drilling engineering courses, Well Control training
  • Independent projects reviews
  • Engineering consultancy
  • Fresh graduates mentoring program
  • Training and Educational Leadership
  • HR Mentoring program for Oil and Gas Industry

Welding and inspection service offer:

  • Develop, optimize, and qualify weld processes and parameters for multiple welding processes
  • Support production operations on large scale welded assemblies, providing direction to build engineers and welders on correct techniques to produce most optimized design
  • Work closely with design and development engineers to improve welded designs for manufacturing
  • Set up welding qualification test campaigns and interpret test results
  • Work closely with NDT personnel to interpret weld quality on development and flight hardware
  • Push for improved process control where possible using test & NDT results as feedback loop
  • Set up automated welding solutions in an effort to drive process consistency
  • Scope out new welding technologies that may be employed to improve rate of welding and process efficiency
  • QAQC inspection and documentation service